Scratching the Carp Itch


A good common and the going swim, it’s all hit and hold stuff in there

It suddenly dawned on me last week that work, planning and organising a Spanish north to south road trip (Wine, Foodie stuff, bullfights and fishing) tying flies and generally rushing about the place like a nutter, has left me with very little fishing time recently and given me excuses for not getting on with this blog which I’ve been promising myself for quite some time.

So it’s now June, I haven’t fished for mullet, carp or salmon this year and if I don’t get cracking the holiday will mean it’s July before I resolve any of this situation. Sunday saw me start off with carp, definitely the least challenging of the 3 and I loaded the “Fire Truck” and hit Atkinson’s Tarn on my WADAA ticket. This is a lovely little secluded “coarse” water down a quiet lane a few miles away from the madness that is Bowness and Windermere. I’ve yet to see anyone else tackle the place with fly tactics and despite obeying Rule 1 of “Arrival at the Water Handbook” and doing an entire “reccie” of the tarn, I got stuck into a narrow little jungle swim, where I see most of the fish I ever see in the place, what’s more I’ve never seen anyone else in there.

A liberal scattering of cat biscuits / chum mixers soon got the fish looking upwards and a mid double mirror with lovely orange flanks got my attention – soon christened Tangerine Dream it was hovering the floaters for fun and didn’t hesitate when my size 12 black foam beetle plopped under the branches from the island. A storming run towards the roots on the island meant a hit and hold tactic from myself and a foam beetle flying back over my head into the willows behind. Tangerine Dream is now on the most wanted list and if it’s the best looking carp in Atkinson’s then the second was soon on the bank, a fantastic low double common that pushed my 7 weight Greyline to the corks and had me all over the place but I always felt that this one was coming in. A couple of dinky minions followed it along with a few missed fish.

Not a bad session and I’ll nip back mid week for an evening session, as the tides for mullet are not favourable and the Eden salmon too much of a hike for an after work session – Tangerine Dream might have recovered and fancying another beetle.

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