High Fairbanks

I had an after work session at WADAA’s High Fairbank Tarn which is a catch and release water and always worth a trip. It’s my favourite of all the WADAA trout waters a absolute jewel of a place. A 15 minute walk from the car and it seems you could be miles away from anywhere. Stocked annually with rainbows there are always a good head of over wintered fish and even this year’s stocking soon wise up due to the catch and release policy. Due to the water being poor in aquatic life the fish have to be ever on the look out for lunch so a stealthy approach usually brings rewards on buzzers or dries.


Flat calm conditions at High Fairbank

This evening dries were the way to go and I had 5 fish all great looking lean rainbows. I once had a really good brownie after dark on streamer and why I haven’t tried again is beyond me, I don’t believe WADAA stock browns anymore at this water but there maybe one or two still knocking about…..

hf rainbow2

Lovely conditioned fish – typical of the place



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