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The Ribble. It seems that I’ve cut a lot of my fishing teeth on the Ribble and it always feels like a home coming when I go there especially mid to low Ribble. Back in my fishing infancy when I was about thirteen or so, my grandparents lived by the Ribble at Frenchwood and my brother Stuart and I would disappear down the river at every available opportunity. I remember being so impressed with my first rainbow trout   that I put it in the bait tub filled with water and ran it round to show my under-whelmed grandparents. My years specimen coarse fishing were filled with Ribble days and nights after Chub, Barbel and Pike and my personal best for all 3 are Ribble fish.

My first fly caught Salmon and Sea Trout came from the mid Ribble around Ribchester and it was to the same beat that I called into on my way back north from a day working in Liverpool.

Despite the doom and gloom from myself (plus most west coast game fishers) this year, I’m always upbeat about a bit of time on this beat and so with rod already setup and waders quickly donned I was bounding down to the bottom of the beat, to my favourite pool which fishes well right at the head and could throw up a fish anywhere right down to get out. The river was about 6 inches below ideal height but still carrying through the pool nicely and looked like it would take the fly though well.


The head of the pool (above left) and the rock at the pool “get out”  (above right) showing that the level was a bit lower than great – four to six inches showing is lovely water.

On my arrival a fish showed and that was all I saw for the next 3 hours right through to twilight. I always had in my head that it was a thirty minute run through the pool but clearly when you have the place to yourself and you’ve seen a fish, it seems that I fish through a bit more slowly and methodically than I imagined!, as I barely managed to make 3 passes down the pool before it was completely dark.


Looking downstream from the last real fly taking spot – It’s always a morale booster to look down the river and see a fish showing father down – they usually show on the right.

So the blank run continues but it was great to fish the Ribble and see a fish and internet reports suggest that a few are being taken throughout the system. Planning a full day session on Sunday.








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