Long day on the Ribble


So the clock is still ticking and we are in September, officially 2 months to go in the salmon season (that’s the Ribble and Lune …. even less on the Eden) and I’m still trying to get one on the board. Sunday saw a morning at the Ribble above Clitheroe lovely water but a blank before moving at lunchtime to meet up with Jon and recording another blank on lovely water. As we arrived and were gearing up in the car park Boo, a Ribble regular was coming away, Boo reported that there were a few fish about and he’d had 2 this week and lost a couple. A 15.00hrs tide at Lytham meant it was worth staying and fishing the lower pool around teatime but despite seeing a couple of fish we failed to connect.

Members fishing hut on upper Ribble and some great looking water

It’s a great time to be on the Ribble, these late summer early autumn days and it seems that those cold October last mad days of the season are just around the corner.
I’m not going to carry on blogging all these blank salmon trips so the next post concerning salmon will either be a season closer or miracle of miracles = fish action!!!


Jon fishing the “Wood Pool”

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