Repeat Capture?

I was convinced during an after work session at Cleabarrow that I’d managed to catch the same fish that I had on Sunday but looking at the 2 photos I’m not too sure…..

doubleMid Double common

Sunday’s fish on the right and last night’s on the left

In all I brought 3 commons to the mixer approach. It’s surprising (not) how much more effective your fishing can be when you can actually see your fly. It’s fair to say that my adaption of the mixer fly to add a hi-vis yellow foam tag has been a success and I’m no longer staring at a bit of debris wondering “Is that the fly?” Only to then twitch the line and realise that the fly was a foot to the left!

another onesuicide swim

Another one and the suicide swim

If it is the same fish – It came out of the same swim to the same approach and if so, I’m undecided who I’m least impressed by – myself or the carp.

I did see a very impressive mirror carp with huge shoulders and big head, ….. another on the target list.


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