Haunted By Commons

In a continuation of a theme, after last week’s possible repeat capture I had another Sunday afternoon at Cleabarrow and had another 2 common carp. Despite seeing quite a few mirrors (including the nice one with BIG shoulders) knocking about, it seems that they are outnumbered by the commons. Either that or it’s just the commons that are dumb enough to get caught by me.


Despite the continued dry weather and sunny days (don’t even mention salmon) the autumn colours are really coming along now and the leaf falls are starting to pick up, every slight gust brought down a new crop of leaves to make surface fishing problematic but not impossible. Still there were a few common darter dragonflies and the odd late swallow and martin knocking about and generally it was a good afternoon to be out.


On the way home I called into Atkinson’s to see if there any carp activity and found a green algal bloom present which made fish spotting hard and despite bringing a few fish to biscuits only had a couple of half hearted casts.

3 thoughts on “Haunted By Commons

  1. Wow – those are lovely carp. I am very jealous! They don´t grow anywhere near that big on my river (or at least the ones I catch don´t). Congratulations on the blog and keep up the good work. Cheers, Paul.

    • Hi Paul
      They aren’t a bad size – the big mirror carp still alludes me and we’ve experienced a frost this morning – (you might remember having to scrape the frost off car windscreen?) so I think the carping might be coming to an end. I’m still waiting for rain to at least make an effort for a salmon before the season ends on October 31st. Apparently there is some due at the weekend so fingers crossed but we need lots, September has been declared the driest since records began.

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