Ghyll Head Rainbows

The dry spell (6 weeks) is finally over, we had considerable spells of rain on Saturday and this morning (Monday) so with 3 days off booked at the back end of this week, the salmon fishing will at least not feel like a fool’s errand. I haven’t been to the Ribble or Eden for a couple of weeks but a “reccie” to the Lune mid week was depressing …..

image image

On Sunday with only Saturday’s rain and a limited amount of time I plumped to do some rainbow chasing at Ghyll Head. I struck lucky with only 3 or 4 other anglers at what can be WADAA’s busiest water. I’m very fond of Ghyll Head due to the fantastic scenery and the fact that it’s heaving with green woodpeckers, these noisy but secretive birds rank at the top of my favourite (non raptor) birds, throw in a couple of jays and you have great entertainment for the day even if the fishing is a bit slow.


The fishing was steady with 7or8 rainbows for the afternoon most of which came to the evil weevil nymph which feels to me like real fishing as apposed to stripping back lures. Stripping lures of course is deadly for rainbows at anytime but at this time of year when they are focused are hunting fry, it can be almost too easy.


The far bank at Ghyll head pitches very steeply into the water and at points it’s very easy to watch the fish cruise the shallows before turning and slashing at the shoals of fry, watching even stocked trout in this mood is as gripping stuff and reminds me what fantastic creatures trout are and I spent all afternoon not even missing salmon fishing.

2 thoughts on “Ghyll Head Rainbows

  1. Looks like a lot of fun! You may be interested to hear that there are a few wild boar knocking around the Guadalhorce and I came across a few close to where you caught your big barbel earlier in the year. Your blog is great. Keep up the good work!

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