Prior to a week’s non fishing holiday (walking, drinking eating and wildlife watching) in Scotland, I lined up 3 days leave to have a go at the salmon with a bit of water in the systems. The plan was – Wednesday fish the Ribble, Thursday on the Eden and make a decision on Friday based on the 2 previous days – but the Lune looked out of the picture due to dire reports on the web etc…

I didn’t see a fish Wednesday on the Ribble at Sunderland Hall, but had a good catch-up with Boo and cousin Mike, although Mike was on the opposite bank!

Thursday I had the morning booked on Waters Meet, where the Eamont meets the Eden and despite a late start, I saw more fish in the morning than I’d probably seen all year. All these fish seemed destined for the Eamont, so I went up to Honeypot in the afternoon but failed to catch, but again I saw fish …. enough to decide Friday’s location.

Eden Honeypot 08102014 (2)

On Friday I went straight to Honeypot and started on Church stream. A quarter of the way down the run there’s a great big boulder midstream which throws a great big wake either side and good hole behind, all in all it screams fish and first swing across results with a fish. I’d love to catch enough salmon each year to actually enjoy the fight but it was a very tense affair but eventually it hit the net at around 9lbs, luckily as I was un-hooking her, Mark Strong came by so a couple of photos were taken before a safe return.

Eden Honeypot 08102014 (6)

Eden Honeypot 08102014 (1)










The “salar gods” had clearly decided that I’d had enough fun for now because I didn’t see another fish all day and the Sunday after returning from Scotland I blanked again on the Ribble in the company of Jon again without a sight of a fish all day.

So we approach the last weekend of the season (Ribble & Lune – Eden already finished) with both days looking like the Ribble unless the Lune surprises the hell out of me and reports of fish start coming through.

2 thoughts on “Salmon!

    • Hi Paul
      The salmon have been problematic this year, lack of rain in September when they should have been running didn’t help, but compared to you we’ve had enough!.
      They came through eventually though and I got another yesterday to finish the season.

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