The Stockies have landed

Craig and I have been bumping into each and discussing fishing for at least 7 years, at first carp and specimen fishing along the Lancaster canal and more recently trout and salmon fishing. This year we have finally sorted our act out and have arranged some fishing. Craig has this year joined WADAA and we’ve both signed up for Ribchester Angling  (I’ve fished the Ribble for years on their guest and exchange tickets) so we’ll be spending quite some time together on the water, in fact we will both be taking the plunge into the world of float tubing in the very near future. This week we had an after work trip to High Fairbanks. I had heard on the grapevine that HF had already received it’s annual stocking so there was a good chance that we would be tangling with the stockies as opposed to the over wintered fish that I was encountering for the last couple of weeks.

stockie Not a bad stockie

It turned out that we encountered both, the fish were again on the nymph taking buzzers just sub surface with a head and shoulders rolling action. A floating line buzzer approach was adopted by both of us and Craig was into a fish 3rd cast and I wasn’t too far behind. Making our way along the west bank we had a couple of fish each and Craig settled into a spot where a shallow bay drops away into deeper water, where he finished the evening with six fish and a few dropped. I had a wander and mooched my way down to east bank where I lost a good fish but was surprised by the lack of numbers, as I thought the stockies at least would have followed the wind down that way. With the light fading I made my way back to Craig, changing to an emerger on the way. While we were discussing calling it a day and having a pint at the Sun Inn, Craig lost a fish and my emerger was taken by my 3rd fish of the evening. A fantastic 3 hours with stockies and over wintered fish to both of us, in fact I think Craig was quite smitten with High Fairbanks.

Craigs fish

One of Craig’s over wintered fish and mine……






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