Jumping on the bandwagon

I’d been planning another trip to the Eden this weekend, when on Friday morning I got a email from Jon, telling me it was kicking off on the Ribble. Fish were being caught in numbers up and down the river and Boo had had 3 in a week!. We quickly made plans for Saturday and I got back to work while John went to the Dee. My cousin Mike called in the  afternoon with a similar tale, he’d had one and his friend had a couple and lost one. I was kicking myself for not checking earlier in the week as I could have spent Thursday evening at the Ribble. Missing a possible session when there are good numbers of fish in the system is unforgiveable, after 4 years of middling fishing it’s great to see the buzz on the internet and on talking to people, when there’s a real possibility of a fish, instead of an outside chance.

On my arrival at the Ribble, Jon was just pulling in and we quickly made our way down to the bottom pool noting the clear skies and falling river. We both made our way through the pool and didn’t see a fish. We then went up to the bend and I went in first and started my way down the long pool. I had a “you should have been here yesterday / after the lord mayors show”  feeling, that it wasn’t go to happen and was just enjoying watching a buzzard flying above me while my cast was coming across, when bang I was in. Jon was soon slipping the net under what the scale on his wading staff reported out as 13lb but we both agreed that it was a deep wide fish and settled on nearer 14.

ribble salmon1may2015

The fish had taken near a distinct tree on the far bank and I noted that I’d taken another good fish a couple of seasons back in the same spot, on later inspection from the high bank you can make out a large boulder clearly marking the lie. This may replace the bottom pool  become my favourite pool on the water, certainly both the fish it’s given me have been crackers.

No further sight of fish was made, despite dropping down to the beat below and trying an “streamy” water area that usually holds a “showing” fish but there was nothing there and it proved to be a 45 minute Double Spey casting practice session, which I clearly need because my Right Hand Bank casting is just plain horrible.

One thought on “Jumping on the bandwagon

  1. Good angling pal, Nice fish!
    Hopefully Sundays forecast rain will bring more fresh fish into the system so I can join you and get off the mark mid week.

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