With the non arrival of summer the prospects of mullet and carp fishing have been pretty dire so I’ve either been salmon fishing or bashing rainbows. With limited time in the evenings, a trip to the Eden or Ribble is tricky and the one evening that Craig had pencilled in for a Ribble session was blown out by storms the night before. Consequently I’ve been exclusively rainbow fishing.

Following our wash out Craig and I had a float tube session at Simpson Ground, which proved similar to our first session with fish being concentrated to structure, Craig had a great evening with six fish and I had one and wasted a in-ordinate amount of time finning around the place, marvelling at my newly gaffer taped up fins. Our fin issues of slipping straps were solved by the application of copious quantities of gaffer tape.

The following week Craig and I had a session at Ghyll Head and had a reversal of fortune with five fish and one loss coming to my rod and one fish and five losses coming to Craig’s. It’s fair to say Craig isn’t a huge fan of his new rocket taper line and following similar results elsewhere, I think it’s destined for the bin!. We both struggles early on but as the light faded they really switched on and a frantic last hour made a great evening.


Crappy iphone picture of last light at Ghyll Head

I also had a session with my brother Stuart in order to get him up to speed with fly casting. Stuart is a fanatical carp fisher and spends most of his fishing effort chasing them home and abroad. This coming September Stuart, Jon and myself will be having a week chasing Black Bass, Barbel, Mullet and Carp on the fly in Andalucia. Stuart hasn’t done much fly fishing and therefore wanted to sharpen his skills up and to this end we had a session at Farleton View. It’s fair to say that we have a natural on our hands. After an initial hour of struggling with the issues that all fly fishers have experienced, Stu was soon throwing a pretty nice line and we both ended up with five or so fish, all to black or green buzzers.

3stu stu

Stu with one of his more typical captures and his first fly caught rainbow

Final trip of this round up was a Lakeland Fly Dressers competition at Lupton reservoir. Pete and I attended this annual event on a blustry Wednesday evening. The schedule starts with an informal casting competition (distance and accuracy) and finishes with a couple of hours rainbow bashing. My distance casting was pretty good but accuracy was pretty poor for which I’m blaming the high winds, but in truth says that I should practice a bit.

When we got to fishing,  I fished into the teeth of the wind, “figure of eighting” a couple of buzzers back to the bank, I  had five fish and lost five, which meant I placed no-where!!! I was really impressed with the fishery and the quality of the fish was mind blowing, I have never experienced rainbows that fight with anything like these and I was smashed twice on 6lb tippet. As the evening progressed the wind dropped away completely and things got tricky with a flat calm, as dusk fell Pete and I shot off to the pub for a pint.

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