Midsummer Tubing

Craig and I had an evening on the float tubes at Simpsons Ground on Tuesday. Craig put his usual “battering them” performance and had five fish including an absolute belter at dusk.

sjt tubing

Yours truly in the tube


As is always the case things were slow early on and the flat calm conditions hardly helped but as the light faded a sedge hatch really brought on a fantastic rise. I had a couple and lost three, two of the losses were due to a “bendy” hook, which I couldn’t change as it was almost dark and my head torch was in my bag back on shore. I really need to get myself sorted with separate pieces of kit to leave in the tube, it’s  particularly stupid seeing as I’ve  4 head torches knocking about at home and in the truck…at least this time I had some glasses!


A really special place

It really was a special night, almost cloudless for the last hour and there were stars appearing by the minute. With no road noise and virtually no light pollution, we could have been the last people on earth as we paddled around the idyllic lake in the last light of the day with only the bats flitting round our heads and owls calling from the wood for company. I recall being ready to head for shore when the sound of Craig’s big fish crashing about, reached me from the other side of snags. “Good lad” I thought and paddled for shore. With the solstice just round the corner, it was well past eleven when we pulled the tubes out.


View from the boat landing

It was a privilege to be out there to experience such a night at such a lovely place, really shows what our neck of woods has to offer.

2 thoughts on “Midsummer Tubing

  1. The first session on the tube was a real step into the unknown, I had a a really good session, landing 4 And dropping a few.
    I couldn’t wait for the next trip and wondered if it would top our first outing on the tubes. And it did! I was ready before Simon into the water I went, hanging around the boat launch area having a few casts whilst Simon got ready. There is a large dead tree in the water to the left where are you launch. That had got to be worth a chuck or two I thought. Second cast I latched into something special. A beautiful overwintered rainbow very dark in colour as it been in the peaty water a couple of years. A truly awesome fish to start session. I went onto land another four I must’ve dropped four as well. Upon leaving I thought I cannot top this and will remember this for the rest of my life.
    Upon arriving for the mid summer session I thought again I cannot beat the last session we fished on the tubes. But once again Simpson ground was kind to me. The evening rise was late. the fishing going into the dark was breathtaking. I landed three fish in an hour and dropped three from the hot spot Simon and I had found.
    As Simon headed in because he couldn’t see to tie on another fly I had one last cast. The flies landed perfectly in the zone, seconds after they landed, bang, a large fish took the point and came out the water once twice three times, stripping 20 yards of line of the reel. In the the fast fading light I knew this fish was special!
    After a real scrap I got the fish in the net and onto the apron of the tube. It’s measured just short of 50 cm long and had a tail like a salmon! I released the fish and made my way back to the boat launch with cramp in my right leg, which took a while, but did I care, not at all!
    Had I just bested the last session on the tube?….. Bloody right I had! Can this session be bested, who knows?
    Next time we go I am going to increase the fun factor. I am going to fish with my 6 year old sons 7ft 3wt fly rod, hooking into an over wintered monster on the tube with that will be epic!

    Tight lines!


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