River Eden

I had a trip out to the Eden last Saturday, virtually from the off the Eden has been producing salmon this year, with our club waters already approaching last year’s total numbers with nearly five months left!

I fished our Armanthwaite beat, the water looked spot on and it was with high hopes that I fished all the pools through, stopping for a chat with Mark who confirmed further fish caught the day before.



Despite my confidence I never saw a fish and by lunchtime the arrival of a few hatches coming off, had my thoughts moving to the trout rod in the truck. The hatches coming off were a right mixed bunch with odd Brook Duns, Yellow Sallys and Olive Uprights all present but nothing you’d call a primary hatch. Not being a river trout expert (I’m not a expert at any discipline) I fished a pheasant tail and hares ear nymph combo and had a couple of fish before sticking on an olive klinkhammer which produced a further seven  fish all in the 10 inch bracket. I really enjoyed the “trouty” interlude but decided that I should have another cast for the “silver fellas” before calling it a day, again it looked great but no joy.

eden1 eden2

I was looking through these blog entries the other day and decided that there was a lack of river trouting last year, so I’ve started to put that to right and found myself thoroughly enjoying it. I can appreciate why some far better anglers than myself dedicate their entire fishing to the pursuit of this challenging and (in the larger wild specimens) magnificent fish. The natural history involved in aquatic invertebrates and their life cycles is fascinating and something I always say I’ll delve into in more depth and attend some of the courses held at the FBA Windermere…. Maybe next year, no scratch that, definitely next year.


All said, I guess I’m too much of a general fish geek to go in solo pursuit of one species. In my coarse fishing days, dependant on season I was usually had sessions for different species most weeks, but if I as ever to go back to the “darkside” it would probably be tip fishing for big chub on the Ribble and the night of my first 6lb chub remains a very special memory. In fact 4 of us had six pounders from the old quarry stretch at Brockholes in a very special two weeks.

It’s going to be hard to  fit everything in this year… off the top of my head mullet, carp, sea trout, salmon have yet to hit the net this year and I’ve promised myself that I should at least look into some bass fishing on the coast all this combined with the fact that the pike, brownies and grayling I have had were babies, I’d better sort my act out and get some more fishing in.